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[Tokyo Ghoul √A – Insert Song eps4] Kaneki vs Kamishiro : LYRICS

Posted By Hanz on Sunday, February 1st, 2015
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  • Tokyo Ghoul √A 2nd

    TV Anime Tokyo Ghoul √A
    Kaneki vs Kamishiro

    Insert Song eps 4 : Tokyo Ghoul √A

    Ost Opening and Ending
    Tokyo Ghoul √A
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    TV Size
    English Versi :

    Since we are made of women
    no rumors to speak
    A man resolve
    at all rolled within

    Traces along ledged back
    Still look empty
    What a curtain thrum
    Broken on.. and on.. and on..

    Shining lights above gone away
    Will we ever find
    The reason why
    Hope within us awaits
    The spark

    Indonesia Versi :

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