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Heisei Era Riders are Kamen Riders appearing in media from the Heisei Period of Japan.

The Heisei Era started on January 2nd, 1989, but the Heisei-era Kamen Riders are considered by fans and Toei as Kamen Riders made after Shotaro Ishinomori‘s death, thus ending his involvement with the Kamen Rider Series.

Kamen Riders ShinZO, and J‘s films were released in the Heisei Era period, but had involvement with Ishinomori. Riders are classified by Era according to when their respective series aired in real life, rather than the setting of the series. Thus, Riders such as Kamen Rider Ixa, despite appearing during the Showa Era within their series, are not considered Showa Era Riders.

  • Alternative:Kamen Rider
  • Release Date:Jan 01, 2000
  • Status:Completed
  • Duration:24 min. per ep.
  • Score:8.00
  • Views:1674 views
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