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Kingdom Live Action

The film starts off at the climax of the Battle of Sai during the duel between Hou Ken and Shin. It begins with a battered Shin slowly getting off the ground after being knocked down. Spaced between shots of him rising off the ground are scenes from his childhood with Hyou, Hyou’s death, his interactions with Ei Sei while returning him to the throne, Kyou Kai training in sword play, Shin’s ride with a mortally wounded Ou Ki, the end of his duel with Rin Ko, Shin holding a collapsed Kyou Kai after her desperate stand at Sanyou, a scene of Duke Hyou’ shield embedded in the ground, and his informal welcoming of Ka Ryo Ten to the Hi Shin Unit at a campfire. The film then fully returns to the present with Shin facing Hou Ken as seen from the walls of Sai. The film ends with Shin charging Hou Ken while in another scene, Kyou Kai silently smiles.The video features a Japanese voice over with kanji sentences interspersed in the video.

  • Alternative:ングダム
  • Episode:1
  • Release Date:Apr 01, 2019
  • Status:Ongoing
  • Duration:-
  • Score:8.00
  • Views:939 views
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